WHAT`S NEW IN PSL 2018 and New Players in Peshawar Zalmi 2018

WHAT`S NEW IN PSL 2018 and New Players in Peshawar Zalmi 2018

New Players in Peshawar Zalmi 2018 PSL 2018 is near and all Pakistanis are waiting eagerly for it to begin. Composition of teams is near finalization and everyone wants to know as which one from their favorite players will play for a specific team. The upcoming edition of PSL is going to be more fun because 2 Chinese cricketers are also expected to take part in it. This is a step towards boosting the cricket in China. These Chinese players will represent team of Peshawar Zalmi. This news was initiated by official sources and we are quite hopeful that there will be no change in the details. PSL has been seen as a way to return cricket passion to the country to remove suspicions about its endangerment. Recent series of World XI is a strong step towards revival of cricket battles in Pakistani grounds.

New Players Mutual Consent For CHINA Playing in Peshawar Zalmi 2018

China is not new to the world of cricket but yes to the international cricket with prominent exposure. Just like our Pakistani cricket team both men & women teams are there in China as well. These teams have also played at international levels but those tournaments have not proved to be marking edge for boost of cricket culture in China. As mentioned above 2 players will be playing for PSL 2018 whose names have been selected and this has been agreed by a formal players` contract. This contract will be soon signed between Chinese cricket board and Peshawar Zalmi head Javed Afridi. PSL headquarter is in Lahore. Because of security issues prevalent during previous few years first edition was not held in Pakistan but in UAE. Peshawar Zalmi is the champion who will be defending their title during 2018 edition. Inaugural edition was titled in the name of Islamabad United.


A proposal has also been made for neutral venue status of China for cricket teams of Pakistan rather than UAE or any other country. Security is the main issue and we have seen the circumstances in the form of refusal by many international players to play here. But the trend has changed with improvement of security conditions. It is expected that few matches apart from finale will also be played in Pakistan considering the love and desire of Pakistani people to watch match live in the stadiums of Pakistan. Looking forward, everyone is hoping this PSL 2018 to be fantastic one.